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  1. I have no idea what I’m supposed it just starts and if I knew it just seems to give you the option to pick a pacific part of a picture You place so it’s not even a map maker it’s nothing if you’re going for a this large part of a picture you put then it’s not even close to the title

    1. Just to be clear: It’s not supposed to be a map maker. It’s just for revealing existing maps. Maybe I’ll add some sort of tutorial in the future.

  2. Bonjour,
    Comment avoir un mode transparence ?
    Afin de simplement découvrir le brouillard de guerre.

    Hello, how to have a transparency mode?
    In order to simply discover the fog of war.

    1. Aah, comments. Haven’t checked here in a while. Have you found out by now? The tip of the pen “draws” (i.e. uncovers) the map. Maybe I have to come up with more self-explanatory icons.

  3. Nice little tool but admittedly I tried it out hoping for a map maker as well. I know there’s plenty of apps out there but a dedicated one for iOS still seems elusive. Still, nice job!

    1. Thank you! Feedback is precious. There’s a few things higher up on the priority list though. Like broadcasting the map to other devices and a web version. But maybe I’ll get to it – once I get the client work out of the way.

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